Green school Community Awareness Programs

ASMERO Green school Community Awareness Programs provides a planned and structured activity plans for the schools to undertake as a part of becoming a green school. One of the major focus of development of a green school is creating self awareness amongst our future generations to understand the need and importance of sustainable development approach. Community Awareness Programs and Activity Program is one of the most important tools for achieving the desired intent of greening the society.

We have planned and structured various events, programs, workshops that will target at creating an
understanding of the subject amongst the communities.

  • ASMERO Green Club
  • Green Olympiad
  • Community Adoption Programs
  • Community based Activities
  • Information on renewable sources of energies and technologies
  • School Exchange Programs for inducing knowledge transfer effectively
  • Workshops on importance of conservation of resources
  • Promoting awareness and addressing on energy, water and waste management and recycling
  • Creating awareness over sustainable development approach
  • Live demonstration Programs and Workshops on Technology and renewable energy systems
  • Environment Conservation and Awareness drives

ASMERO Green Schools will conduct best community awareness programs for school kids & teachers to implement the idea of ideal Green Schools in the surroundings for overall development.