ASMERO Green schools in a by-product of joint collaborative efforts of Erocon Consulting Services, Erose Educational Infotech, ASM Hydraulics Engineers and ASM Green Infracon.

Erocon Consulting Services, one of the premium school consultants in India have been in the industry since 1992 while providing services to over 600 schools till date ranging from Turnkey services for New School Projects, Turnkey Services for Restructuring of Existing schools, Project planning and Market Feasibility, CBSE Affiliation Advisory Services and many other part module services resulting in development of successful school ventures.

ASM Green Infracon was formed by all the established consultants from the field of architecture and engineering to fulfill the vision of sustainable infrastructure development, eco friendly communities and self-aware society. The organization works towards development of green buildings, green campuses, green schools and many more, where energy efficiency and awareness programs are their core focus areas.

Erose Educational Infotech, The Parent Company of Erocon, Erose Educational Infotech Limited is a multifaceted educational Organization. With over three decades of dedication and its commitment for value addition, Erose has emerged as a premier organization of repute with wide national acclaim in the field of specialized coaching and career guidance. The Team at Erose is a perfect blend of highly experienced academicians and professionals. They are the guiding spirit behind the success of the organization. The Team fosters a pleasant and intellectually stimulating environment where the students undergo special attunement and develop sound understanding of concepts fundamentals in all the subjects.

ASM Hydraulics Engineers, a team of established hydraulic consultants in Delhi NCR, having amassed experience of over 40 years in the water industry providing turnkey solutions for Design and execution at various State/District level Water treatment plants, Sewage Treatment plants, Water distribution Units and others. The organization understands the need of water conservation and water management practices in today’s world. They have been the active partners for the development of water management practices that could be undertaken to ensure water conservation.

ASMERO Green schools has Best Green building consultants, designs best green schools, reduce carbon footprint in schools & stress on  maximum use of renewable energy system. We have a team of best green building architects in India.