Green School curriculum

ASMERO Green School curriculum focuses on creating the apt platform for children learning experiences through structured, conventional and unconventional activities. The driving idea behind our curriculum is the intent of imbibing within the existing eco-system the values and necessity to consider the impact and consequences of activities and development undertaken. This will create an affinity amongst the students towards development of society in a sustainable manner. Our three pillars over which the curriculum has been based upon are:

  • Conservation of Resources and environment
  • Awareness and Exposure about our environment
  • Know How on upcoming Technologies and creating live lab spaces for students to absorb more

The curriculum provides ample opportunities for children to connect with their surroundings through real life experiences. The intention of our green school curriculum is to infuse the environmental and sustainability aspects into the existing way of school curriculum and teaching methods. More than just being a nature studies, our curriculum has its core embossed in facilitating the learning process to be more holistic, where we bridge the gaps between the students and their world around them while enabling them to respond to their socio-cultural and emotional requirements.

Best Green School Curriculum advisory leads to development of finest green schools. We intent to impart conserving energy as a part of culture & daily practice.