Green Schools Rating Advisory 

We have a team of certified green building consultants for rating programs such as IGBC, LEED and GRIHA. Our experts will hand hold clients to clear every requirements and aspects of the rating system provisions and make it a smooth process for our clients. The Certification and Rating systems of these agencies have different structures and point systems of achieving a particular rating certificate.The broad domains covered under the rating advisory is as following:

Site Planning and Development Energy Efficiency and Renewable sources of energy Effective Waste Management practices
Construction Management Measures Water Efficiency and Management Socio-Economic Strategies
Occupants comfort and well being Sustainable construction materials Performance Monitoring and Validations
Community development and awareness measures

ASMERO Green Schools rating advisory help you achieve IGBC platinum school ratings, our rating advisory also advices on how to achieve 5 star Griha Prakriti School Ratings. Asmero green schools have best IGBC School Consultants & best GRIHA School consultants.