What We Do

Our team expert consultants comprising of Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Energy Auditors, Green Building consultants and School consultants have been working towards development of Green School concept and Green school services. Our services have been developed with the idea to help schools develop pollution free, healthy and knowledge conducive spaces for its children while impacting nearby communities to gain awareness towards environment and maintaining ecological balance while undertaking development.

Green School is a space, which produces minimum carbon emission into the environment while ensuring comfortable, healthier and safer atmosphere for students to gain knowledge. These schools consume minimum resources for its operation by maximizing utilization of resources, have efficient waste management systems, depend more on renewable energy systems leading to cost effective operations.

The idea behind ASMERO Green school services is to promote sustainable infrastructure school development measures while making society and future generations realize the need to conserve resources for our future. Sustainable approach for development of school projects not only ensures higher return on investment but create an environment amongst the students to be more aware towards the upcoming major technologies in the industry.

Green Schools will have:

  • Sustainable infrastructure development having features and technology ensuring lower building operation and maintenance costs.
  • Reduced dependency on non-renewable sources of energy by introducing renewable energy systems..
  • More focus on incorporating Water Conservation and Electricity conservation measures.
  • Healthy habitat and environment for students leading to greener surroundings, better building ventilation, increased breathing spaces and improved indoor environment leading to better student performances.
  • Develop a green school curriculum and suggest co- curricular activities that will include education on environmental aspects, solutions to utilize renewable energy systems to reduce dependency on non-renewable sources of energy.
  • Awareness amongst the parents and community on resource conservation and the importance of renewable energy systems along with sustainable infrastructure development.
  • Increase awareness amongst students on the present concerns related to environment and exhaustion of non-renewable resources development. The approach will be focused towards development of new generation that will be self-aware, technology driven while taking into consideration the betterment of environment.

ASMERO Green Scools is India’s Exclusive Green School development agency that covers green building consultancy &  green curriculum. We develop green campus & eco friendly schools.